Monique & Jared

Ok...finally. The wedding everyone dreams about, wants to be a part of...and a long-time professional fantasy of my own. Jared and Monique's wedding in Provence, France was truly inspired.  At a B&B nested in the idyllic mountainside of Les Baux, they made vows under a sweeping, ancient oak tree. They nested close family and friends under a canopy of lights in a cypress grove for a fine, multi-course, Provence-style feast.  They danced and toasted into the warm summer night in an ancient, subterranean grotto. So this post is to you Jared and Monique, thank you for allowing me the pleasure to document your wedding day.

The photographs below are few personal moments from Nathan and I's extended stay beyond Monique and Jared's summer wedding (a separate blog post to soon follow).  From a wine tour through Châteauneuf-du-Pape to a cooking class with Chef Jean-Marc Larrue, Provence was the idyllic setting for a destination wedding.  The Parisian experience was an intoxicating melange of: cruising art (Nathan turns into a mustache twirling art admirer at the Louvre), Breathtaking Baroque architecture (we stayed next to the Opera House), Michelin-star dining (flying by the seat of our pants with last minute reservations),  and a midnight stroll through the streets of Paris after a tasteful burlesque show.